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Certificate of Clinical Reflexology

The Certificate of Clinical Reflexology is designed to work with, rather than replace the Diploma of Reflexology.  It is an Industry Accredited Qualification (Reflexology Association of Australia (RAoA) Accredited) that will work with the Diploma and as much as possible parallel some of the Diploma units/modules so people may receive RPL (Recognition for Prior Learning) for units/modules covered in the Certificate of Clinical Reflexology.

Colleges/schools that have the RAoA Certificate of Clinical Reflexology or are RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) that teach the Diploma of Reflexology will be listed as accredited on the RAoA web site (found under 'Reflexology Training', 'Schools/Colleges').

For the Certificate of Clinical Reflexology course outline, please see the attached PDF file 'RAoA Unit Outline Certificate of Clinical Reflexology'


Interested in Teaching

If you are interested in teaching Clinical Reflexology please see the attached Doc file 'Application Form 1 Criteria to Teach the Certificate'.

Please email  if you have any enquiries regarding Reflexology courses, or you would like to proceed further in a Reflexology teaching career (having read the attached file 'Application Form 1 Criteria to Teach the Certificate').