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Will my health fund cover reflexology?


A number of health funds recognise Reflexology and will give a rebate for your treatment if the therapist is a registered provider with them. Our list of health funds that recognise Reflexology is available online here.

If you are unsure if Reflexology (and other anciallary therapies) is part of your health insurance policy, please contact your health fund to check if you have the correct level of cover to allow for rebates of these therapies.

It is also important when making an appointment with a therapist that you ask if they are a registered Reflexology provider with your chosen health fund.

How do I find a reflexologist in my area?

Online Search

On the home page of our website you can click 'Find a Practitioner' to perform a search in your area for qualified, RAoA members.

For best results when searching we recommend that you first click on your applicable State, then click on Postcode to sort numerically. This is the easiest way to see therapists that have clinic locations in and around your area. 

If you know the name of the Reflexologist you are seeking, you can search by surname.

Ensure to click the "clear settings" button to clear your search criteria if you wish to perform a different search.


Contact our National Office by Telephone

Our National Office can be contacted on 1300 733 711 for assistance in locating any of our qualified members nearest to you. As our office is open only part-time, if you call outside our business hours please leave a voicemail message with your name, number and area you are looking for a therapist and we will return your call on our next business day.


How much does a reflexologist charge for a session?


An average price range is in the vicinity of $65-$85 for a standard treatment, however, additional factors including location and the therapist's years of professional experience will determine their pricing.

When looking for a suitable Reflexology practitioner, where possible, we recommend that you contact at least two in your area to check their availability, treatment prices and to discuss any medical conditions you have been diagnosed with prior to making a booking.